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Tokio Hotel

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Tokio Hotel:

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28.11.2017: It's getting christmassy. On November 30th ''Hinter die Welt'' airs nationwide in Germany with an all exclusive Interview. Good time to go watch our documentary one last time on the big screen. Get your ticket and find the final dates below! Enjoy.
29.11.2017: TokioHotel Magdeburg-LosAngeles official launch tonight! "The store" is the first store to carry the collection exclusively and that we'll celebrate tonight ��
29.11.2017: Soccer and sightseeing on #tokiohoteltv ! New episode out now.
30.11.2017: Who went shopping yet? The store berlin carries our new collection exclusively. Stop by, say hi, go shopping ��
05.12.2017: We are live! Go check out @magdeburglosangeles ⚡️⚡️⚡️
07.12.2017: @billkaulitz for @indiemagazine ⚡️✨ about the new @magdeburglosangeles collection �� Check it out: interview and ��by @julia.hovve
13.12.2017: Our brand new #magdeburglosangeles line is out and we'd love to see all you beautiful people wearing and styling it your way. So just post a picture of you + one of your pieces on insta and make sure to tag @magdeburglosangeles Some of the best shots will be reposted by us and you'll be tagged too! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
14.12.2017: #QuickandDirty is back! check pumbas soccer obsession on our YT
14.12.2017: #regram @magdeburglosangeles 3 Day Christmas Special! 15% off of our "Dream Machine" Hoodie and our "Cold Berlin" Headband + because it's Christmas you'll get a free Dream Machine Tour Poster as a gift on top (while stocks last) Enter the code: THXMAS15 Code is valid from Midnight December 15th-December 18th 11.59pm!!!! Happy Shopping and MERRY CHRISTMAS ��
22.12.2017: We want to end the year on a high note for you and us and are super excited to drop our 4th and last single of the album today! Download and stream ''EASY'' everywhere! What a year, what a tour, what an adventure! We had the best time ever and want to thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for all the support. We love you to the moon and back and can't wait for new adventures with you in 2018! Enjoy our new Single ''EASY'' and make sure to watch the brand new video! Link in Bio. Merry Christmas, only Love, TOKIO HOTEL
31.12.2017: Happy 2018! Thanks for this year guys! We love you more than anything! Next year is gonna be a good one! Get ready #cheers
13.01.2018: Available for pre-order! #HinterDieWelt, our exclusive band documentary! Get your DVD copy here, affiliate-link in bio and here:
19.02.2018: Encore! Experience the dream machine one last time in Russia!! Tickets available now! VIP will be available in a few days. See you in Moscow! Link in Bio
23.02.2018: Hinter Die Welt our Documentary is coming out tomorrow! Get your Copy on Amazon
05.03.2018: cigarettes and astro burger �� �� (all veggie) wearing both @magdeburglosangeles
31.03.2018: Happy Birthday Georg!!! @georglisting Celebrate with us on the upcoming shows in Berlin and Moscow! ❤️❤️❤️
01.04.2018: @billkaulitz on the cover of @whiteliesmag shot by the amazing @bradelterman wearing @magdeburglosangeles
09.04.2018: A couple more days before this happens again! Last chance to see Dream Machine live!!! Link in Bio, also check ����
12.04.2018: #Berlin you ready? Its getting close ��
15.04.2018: rehearsing for our last shows #dreammachine #live #berlin #moscow
21.04.2018: #showday You ready? �� by @domiwizzl
07.05.2018: still dreaming of #moscow �� by @domiwizzl
16.05.2018: One Summer, One Island, 4 Days, 3 Nights, 500 People, 100 Tepee, 275 Beds, A Million Memories, One Experience! Stay Tuned!
22.05.2018: The great escape!
Get away with us and take a once in a lifetime trip to enjoy the ultimate summer experience. A magical journey, a spiritual hideaway, together with us. Step into a world that Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav personally created for you. The very first Tokio Hotel Summer Camp.
Experience the full package and ultimate festival vibe in our camp, from accommodation and food to outstanding entertainment, mind-blowing surprises and attractions + The Big TokioHotel History Live Concert. Escape from reality, leave your world, everyday life, cellphones, internet, wifi, social media noise and any distraction behind. This is about you, us and our united experience. Link In Bio #summercamp

27.05.2018: The Tokio Hotel History Live Concert exclusively at the Summer Camp - You get to decide what we play! From Monday till Friday well ask you guys for your all time favorites and you get to put the setlist together with us for our big live show during the TH Summer Camp. Every day two songs compete in our Insta Story and you chose! The poll starts tomorrow. Lets go back in history ����
03.06.2018: Whos gonna go camping with us? ����❣️ Link in Bio
05.06.2018: On our big welcome BBQ party at the TokioHotel Summer Camp , @gustavschafer is personally gonna do some magic on the BBQ for all of us ����#thsummercamp
06.06.2018: On our big open air movie night we gonna rewatch our documentary all together and you get to ask whatever you want in an exclusive Q+A before we all party the night away at the beach bar ����Sound fun? #thsummercamp Link in Bio
07.06.2018: We are more than happy to finally announce our #thsummercamp cooperation with @gut_aiderbichl_official Please check their amazing and endless support to help animals all around Europe! All ticket holders for the Summer Camp automatically support the aid projects of Gut Aiderbichl as part of the income will be donated. Thank you!
08.06.2018: There are lots of things going at the summer camp but did you know that youll get the chance to learn about your future? Theres gonna be a fortune teller and tarot reading exclusively for our summer camp guests for that special spiritual experience on a warm summer night #tarot #thsummercamp
10.06.2018: You ready for a special bingo night with us? #oldschool #bingo #funfunfun exclusively at our #summercamp ������
11.06.2018: To start your day right there will be yoga sessions every morning at the camp! Join the band for a little wake up work out #summercamp

Lianochka 26.11.2017 18:16

18.06.2018: You decided Wenn nichts mehr geht, Rette Mich, Automatic, Heilig and Love who loves you back are gonna be part of our big TokioHotel history live show at the summer camp!!! Whoop Whoop! Going back in Time! What other songs would you like us to play? Leave your suggestion in the comments so we can put together the most exciting and nostalgic show for you guys #thsummercamp #summercamp #historyshow
30.06.2018: Who's going camping with us???? Get one of the last tickets. Link in Bio ��
10.07.2018: So EXCITED to announce there will be a world premiere with a brand-new song at the TokioHotel History Live Show during the #thSummerCamp! We added a few last tickets to our #SOLDOUT camp! Only 16 days left! We cant wait! ����☀️��❤️
17.07.2018: ALERT!!! As we are rehearsing for our #summercamp we wanna give you a heads up that the We Found Us package is completely sold out!!! Only 24 of the Love Who Loves You Backpackages and 16 Dogs Unleashed from the additional tickets are left �� You better hurry! So excited to go camping with yall �� See you in a few days
19.07.2018: Wow!!! Thank you guys so much! All tickets are gone. Camp sold out!!! To the ones the couldnt get a ticket this time, dont be sad! There will be another camp next year. Love you lots ❤️
22.07.2018: TONIGHT at 11.10pm CET our documentary Hinter Die Welt premiers on ARTE on German TV for the first time! Make sure to check it out! Itll also be available in the Mediathek from July 22nd-28th ��
22.07.2018: Thats whats up

23.07.2018: Family Portrait by @domiwizzl ❤️
24.07.2018: listening session @hansastudios
27.07.2018 (VIDEO): Happy Camper @ the very first TokioHotel Summer Camp @treehouseticketing
28.07.2018: Day two!!!! #tokiohotelsummercamp
30.07.2018 (VIDEO): Grand finale of our very first TokioHotel Summer Camp last night ��
31.07.2018: soundcheck at the camp yesterday @tomkaulitz
15.08.2018: Today 13 years ago this one song changed all of our lifes #happybirthdaymonsoon �� ��by @domiwizzl
17.08.2018 (VIDEO): Against All Odds We Did It! Our very first SummerCamp and you all made it so special! We for sure had the summer of our lives and we gonna cherish those memories forever. Can't wait for next year! #thsummercamp2 ❤️
23.08.2018: Thursday Vibes �� by @domiwizzl
24.08.2018: Happy Weekend Yall
27.08.2018: Mondays like
08.09.2018:Happy Birthday Gustav! We Love you
09.09.2018: We take you back to endless nights and summer skies! Check out our TokioHotel Summer Camp Aftermovie and see what really happened when we all escaped reality for 4 days! Who's coming next year? Link in bio
14.09.2018: @billkaulitz killing it in the lab today �� by @domiwizzl
14.09.2018: @billkaulitz killing it in the lab today �� by @domiwizzl
25.09.2018: you ready? something big 's bout to happen #soon
29.09.2018 (VIDEO): Tom Tom Tom @tomkaulitz If you want the shirt check out store online ❣️
04.10.2018: 24/7 and its going so well ���� @billkaulitz
10.10.2018: Studio in our 89 Zipper Jacket ⚡️ Get yours @magdeburglosangeles
29.10.2018: Were touring the world again!!! Were looking back, were moving forward. Were nostalgic, were melancholic! Well be doing it all and take you on a crazy ride with our brand new show and your all time favorite songs from the past + the new tunes of our upcoming Album! Itll be so special! You ready? We are!!!! Melancholic Paradise Tour 2019! Sale starts November 6th at 10am CET ! Ticket links will be available on our socials and See ya out there for our most exciting show ever!!!!! 26/04 Manchester, 28/04 London, 30/04 Cologne, 01/05 Brussels, 03/05 Barcelona, 04/05 Madrid, 06/05 Toulouse, 07/05 Milan, 09/05 Rome, 10/05 Bologna, 12/05 Paris, 13/05 Lyon, 15/05 Amsterdam, 16/05 Eindhoven, 17/05 Oberhausen, 19/05 Munich, 20/05 Zurich, 22/05 Stuttgart, 25/05 Berlin, 26/05 Frankfurt, 28/05 Hamburg, 29/05 Hannover, 31/05 Leipzig, 01/06 Vienna, 02/06 Budapest, 04/06 Prague, 05/06 Warsaw, 07/06, Copenhagen, 08/06 Oslo, 10/06 Stockholm, 13/06 St.Petersburg, 15/06 Minsk, 17/06 Kiev, 20/06 Moscow
06.11.2018: Here we go! Melancholic Paradise Tour Tickets 2019 + VIP Upgrades on sale now! Visit or to find your ticket! Link in Bio
17.11.2018: Who am I gonna see on tour? Who still needs a ticket? Check out our website to see us live next year �� Link in bio ����
06.12.2018: crafting melancholic paradise 4 U
14.12.2018 (VIDEO): finishing up some vocals #sssshhhh #melancholicparadise
19.12.2018: Studio Stitch ❤️
20.12.2018 (VIDEO): wrapping christmas presents while listening to the new mixes for #melancholicparadise �� and didnt mute the video this time ��
20.12.2018: Our first Single Melancholic Paradise drops February 1st 2019 💥💥💥💥💥💥 BOOM!!! Merry Christmas 🎁 #melancholicparadise
23.12.2018: Tour Setlist Voting! You get to decide 💥 Beginning of next year, every Monday, two tracks will be up for voting for one week. You can vote with listening to the track on spotify. One spin = one vote! Listen to win!!
06.01.2019: #melancholicparadise drops February 1st 💥 You ready? 🌴🌴 pic by @davisfactor

Lianochka 26.11.2017 18:16


07.01.2019: Happy New Year everyone!! Kicking off 2019 with our Melancholic Paradise setlist voting! Take part in our upcoming tour and get to decide the tracks on our setlist. Every Monday, 8pm cet, two new songs go up against each other. The track that gains more spotify streams within one week will be on our upcoming tour setlist! Check out the matches and get ready to vote by listening to tracks that you love most. #MelancholicParadiseVoting
07.01.2019: Round 1!!! Our first contenders are BETTER VS COTTON CANDY SKY. Go to spotify and spin the track that you want to experience on the tour! We will reveal the winner next Monday. #MelancholicParadiseVoting

11.01.2019: This is it! Our new single #melancholicparadise drops February 1st ����
14.01.2019: Our hearts open wide #melancholicparadise
14.01.2019: Round two of our setlist voting is underway! Will EASY or ELYSA make it to our tour setlist? You decide and stream to win! #MelancholicParadiseVoting
15.01.2019: we get hurt we cry but its all worth it in the end - Melancholic Paradise Ferbruary 1st ��
21.01.2019: February 1st
21.01.2019: We have a clear winner for the 2nd round here! You guys voted for EASY with 59% and we will play the track on our Melancholic Paradise tour! Lets jump into the 3rd battle with AS YOUNG AS WE ARE VS STOP BABE. You decide with your stream! #melancholicparadisevoting

24.01.2019: last polaroid in the studio before we fly over to @georglisting @gustavschafer next week for some promo action and the next video shoot ����
25.01.2019 (VIDEO): exciting exciting!!!! #melancholicparadise is the new theme song of @germanysnexttopmodel 2019 ������ you ready?
28.01.2019: With 54% - Stop, Babe - will make it to our setlist! This was the last track from Dream Machine and we are off to round four with LOVE WHO LOVES YOU BACK & COVERED IN GOLD. Go and stream your favorite!
30.01.2019: less than 48h till #melancholicparadise drops ��������

31.01.2019: a little more than 3h till #melancholicparadise �������� pic by @shirogutzie
01.02.2019: Its out! We feel like our hearts are exploding! Feeling excited, nervous, vulnerable and happy to finally share this with you! Melancholic Paradise out now everywhere! Link in Bio

02.02.2019: ALERT �� our lyric video is out!!! Stop whatever youre doing and head over to our youtube and check it out! Its getting melancholic #melancholicparadise
04.02.2019: UNITED #melancholicparadise in Berlin
04.02.2019: Yo! deezer room is happening tomorrow and you guys can ask us anything. send your question to @deezerde and if youre lucky we pick one of yours! 10.20 am CET
04.02.2019: Your vote, your setlist! We will play Love Who Loves You Back, the track won with 60%! Make sure to follow our tour playlist ! Our next contenders are Stormy Weather VS Girl Got A Gun - It's on!

05.02.2019: 5 min break!
06.02.2019: we shot some new band photos ��
07.02.2019: we are performing at #markuslanz tonight! tune in at 11.15p and also dont forget to watch @germanysnexttopmodel before that at 8.15pm on @prosieben ����
08.02.2019: #melancholicparadise video premiere today at 6pm CET

04.03.2019: Now we are going way back! Two classics are up for your vote. Will Heilig or Stich ins Glück make it? You can decide by streaming your favorite track.
05.03.2019: you camping with us? get your ticket on and join us for the second time. lots of new surprises planned this year. you better be ready. cant wait to see you guys there ✌���� #summercamp2019
07.03.2019: new #tokiohoteltv is out! you as excited as we are? go check it out on youtube
31.03.2019: #regram @billkaulitz Happy Birthday �� @georglisting
01.04.2019: #whenitrainsitpours April 5th
04.04.2019: Brand new #TokioHotelTV episode online now! Follow us around on a crazy day in Berlin. Please activate the YouTube subtitles and dont miss out!
07.04.2019: BABY !!!!! #whenitrainsitpours now streaming everywhere

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16.11.2019: Chateau is out! Stream it everywhere and put it on repeat 🎉💃🏼 Happy Weekend 🎊
18.11.2019: Stop what your doing and head over to our Youtube NOW to check the CHATEAU Lyric Video 🚨
19.11.2019: I believe Chateau was the first track we wrote for the new album and it was one of the songs that happened pretty fast and easy. Its about a love against all odds and inspired by the story of tom and his wife. We wrote the song shortly after they met for the first time in 2018 at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. The video was shot back in March this year in Los Angeles. Bill: I wanted it to be a short movie almost! different, raw and real rather than just another music video. I asked a few of my friends to be in it and we interviewed all of them in a super intimate setting. Everyone got the same questions and the result is an unusual honest piece that will make you happy and break your heart. At least thats what its done it for me.
21.11.2019: I fell in love immediately - Tom Kaulitz #chateau video premiere this Friday 7am CET
21.11.2019: TOMORROW 7am CET - Chateau @mmaattcchh @barisaladag
23.11.2019: LOVE IS LOVE ! Check out the official video of our new single #chateau on Youtube now !!!! directed by @barisaladag @mmaattcchh
25.11.2019: LOVE IS LOVE - #chateau is out! Check our Youtube for the official video
27.11.2019: People gonna talk, let em talk let em talk let em talk about it - #loveislove #chateau
30.11.2019: Its me so baby dont you cry - new #chateau video is out! check it out on youtube
30.11.2019: Hello! Happy to announce the first 4 cities of our Melancholic Paradise LATAM Tour 2020. Well be announcing more shows in the next days. Also well be in Mexico City Dec 4th to meet fans during the presale of our Mexico show. Get all of the details here:

02.12.2019: Have you had some #love today? Time to watch our official video for #chateau Check our #youtube @heidiklum @billkaulitz
03.12.2019: #chateau out now ! check our Youtube @mmaattcchh @barisaladag @christophkoestlin
04.12.2019: Were in Mexico City! About to meet you guys for our official sale start of our upcoming #thlatamtour2020
05.12.2019: That was fun mexico city❣️ Thanks for the love See you guys on tour #thlatamtour2020
06.12.2019: We had too much tequila last night 🤯
08.12.2019: Tickets are on sale now 🔥 Also check @treehouseticketing for upgrades ❣️
09.12.2019: Happy Monday yall !!!Have you watched #chateau today on #youtube or streamed it on @spotify ? If not, you should ❣️
16.12.2019: You have all your presents yet? I say get a tokiohotel concert ticket for our #latam tour 😝
18.12.2019: you have no idea whats coming ❣️ #2020 #newalbum
23.12.2019: Be the first one to listen to the songs of our new upcoming album, weeks before it gets released. Cant wait to meet you, hang out and chat! See you in #berlin February 8th ❤️ Tickets available on
23.12.2019: Merry Christmas everyone!!!! We love you lots and cant wait to see you all in January for the Album Pre Listening Session and on tour in #latam 💃🏼🍾❣️ Happy Holidays Aliens 😘
23.12.2019: See you on #berlin ❣️ Tickets on @treehouseticketing
03.01.2020: Back in the lab! First Recording Session of the year
07.01.2020: So excited to see you Paris! This will be so special ❣️ Tickets on #paris #listeningsession #2020 #newalbum
15.01.2020: Cant wait to share this with you! Get the chance to listen to our new tracks of the upcoming album together with us, a couple of months before release, at our exclusive listening sessions, before anybody else. Only a few tickets left for #paris ! Check for your ticket. See you there ❤️ #newalbum #listeningsession @treehouseticketing
17.01.2020: Cant wait to be back on tour in Mexico and Latin America in March. Lets take a journey together as we play our early hits and songs from our upcoming album! Which songs do you wanna hear live? Link in Bio for tickets! #thlatamtour2020
17.01.2020: SÃO PAULO 🇧🇷, nós não esquecemos de vocês! Depois de 5 anos nós vamos nos apresentar no dia 22/03 no Carioca Club. Vamos voltar no tempo juntos com a #MelancholicParadiseTour! Ingressos já à venda aqui: #THLATAMTOUR2020

23.01.2020: whos gonna hang with us in #paris to celebrate the album ? few last tickets @treehouseticketing
26.01.2020: So excited to announce a USA date! We are playing an intimate show at the World Famous Troubadour in Los Angeles on March 4th, 2020. Tickets will go on sale on Monday, January 27th. We cant wait to see you there for a very special performance. A limited amount of tickets will be available here:
31.01.2020: Off to #latam #tourrehearsals Got your ticket yet? Check out tokio and for upgrades to hang with us @treehouseticketing 💦 See you out there ❣️
01.02.2020: Whos coming to hang with us and see us live in #latam ? Rehearsing for our big tour in March right now❣️ You in? Tickets on tokio and @treehouseticketing
03.02.2020: Grab your ticket today ❣️ See you in #paris #newalbum #listeningsession
08.02.2020: Hey Mexico and Latin America! Who wants to say Hello? We will be checking in from Germany and do a Facebook Live Session on Saturday, February 8th at 11:30am Central Standard Time (Mexico) Tune in at and ask us some questions about the Melancholic Paradise LATAM Tour. Can't wait to see you in March!!
09.02.2020: Done rehearsing ✅ Now off to #paris for our #albumlistening session 📸 by @domiwizzl
14.02.2020: Happy Valentines day to you all ❤️ See you on your #vday #latam #th #tour 📸by @domiwizzl
19.02.2020: We are so excited to see you #latam !!!! Whos in? Tickets on and special Upgrades on ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ #2020 #latamtour

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24.02.2020: Hanging in the studio and sharing our new songs with you has been the greatest experience ❤️ That was so special! LA and Mexico City are next! Find your ticket on #album #listeningsession #mexico #losangeles #treehouse #exclusive
26.02.2020: Thank you Mexico City for all the love! We have just added a very special second show on March 8, 2020 Join us for an Encore show and After-Party at the Blackberry Auditorium We will have a guest DJ after our set and well celebrate at the after-party together! This is an intimate show with a limited amount of tickets so get yours before they sell out. If you have a ticket for the first show you can use the code TOKIOSHOW1 and get a discount for this show Cant wait to see you 2 nights in a row!
28.02.2020: Happy to announce BETA as the opening act for our show on March 7th at the Blackberry Auditorium! Dont miss it, gonna be a great night! --------- Felices de invitar a BETA a compartir nuestro escenario como artista invitado el 7 de Marzo en el Auditorio Blackberry. No se lo pierdan!! Tickets:

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