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It’s been a while
Since I’ve seen your face
I wonder today
You look today
Old friend

Remember when
You knew my name
Before the world
Got in our way
I won’t forget

But I wanna be connected
The way we were before
You said we’d stay the same that
We wouldn’t change at all

Our hearts were unprotected
We were never scared to fall
You said you won’t forget me
Guess time has changed it all

When life was easy
And we smoked weed in the back seat of your car
And watched the stars
When love came easy
I gave you all a boy could give
Life was wild and dangerous
But I know
We can’t go
We can’t go
Back now

We had nothing
Figured out
No regrets
No doubts
We had it all

I miss the times
We didn’t care
I miss it when
You were here
What did we do
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